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Brasilien – Pantanal
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August 30: The host will meet you at the São Paulo Int’l Airport for flight to Cuiabá at 10:00, arriving at 11:10. Drive to our first lodge on the Transpantaneira Road, Pouso Alegre. Afternoon doing our first photos. We will have the car with us at all times, allowing us freedom to move and explore. Depending on arrival time, it’s possibe to get an afternoon flight, but then we lose the first half day of shooting. But from Germany I know there is at least one flight arriving São Paulo around 05:00 AM.


August 31 to September 01: Two full days at Pouso Alegre. Here we can expect to photograph a wide variety of birds and mammals as well and we will have a lot of freedom to explore the entire area and make many different photos.


September 02: After breakfast, drive to Pousada Mato Grosso where we will find different attractions and our first river cruise.


September 03: After breakfast drive the rest of the length of the Transpantaneira, stopping for photos. The plan is to arrive at our hotel around 11:00. Lunch and afternoon looking for Jaguars!


September 04 to 07: Four full days of private boat excursions. The boat used is a very comfortable and fast 19’ with modern 115hp+ 4-stroke engine, which is relatively silent and doesn’t produce any smoke. Because our house boat is very well located right in the middle of the best areas for Jaguars, we won’t need long travels, the moment we leave the house boat we are looking for Jaguars already. Days here start with a pre-dawn breakfast, so we are out on the boats before golden morning light. We return for lunch and a siesta at midday, going out again in the afternoon.


September 08: After breakfast car transfer back to Cuiabá. Because our flight departs only at 18:45 we can go slowly on the Transpantaneira, stopping for photos. Lunch on the way.



  • Domestic commercial flights with one checked bag


  • Fully hosted trip from São Paulo


  • All road transportation on confortable air-conditioned van


  • Double occupancy accomodations


  • All meals while at the lodges


  • Private and spacious boat with fast 4-stroke engine


  • Park entrance fees


  • Reisesicherungsschein der R + V


Nicht eingeschlossen:

  • International air tickets


  • Drinks


  • Meals while enroute (one predicted)


  • Tip for boat driver


Rooms throughout the Pantanal are equipped with private bathrooms, air conditioning and wi-fi.

They range from rather simple at Pousada Pouso Alegre and Rio Claro to quite good at the boat in Porto Jofre, although smaller of course, for being in a boat.
At Trilha dos Tucanos, for the optional extension, they do not have air conditioning but it’s really not needed, as its cool during the nights. There is wi-fi in the main lodge areas of all the places we stay.

They all offer clean accomodations and a wide variety of self service meals (vegetarian/vegan friendly).



Begin your Brazil photo trip with a fantastic short pre tour just 3 hours by car from São Paulo to the lush Atlantic Rainforest. We stay at a simple but fully devoted lodge for photography and birding. The feeders here are loaded with colorful birds, like Saffron Toucanets, Red-breasted Toucan, Magpie and Green-headed Tanagers, Black-throated Grosbeak, Yellow-fronted and Blond-crested Woodpeckers, etc. Many hummingbirds are around as well, like Brazilian Ruby and Scale-throated Hermit. Special forest hides allow us the opportunity to photograph more elusive forest species, like tinamous and wood-quails.

Some mammals are seen sometimes too, like a tame Tayra that comes to the feeders and a few elusive Pacas at night. With luck, a Tapir may be seen at night as well.


August 28: The host will meet you in the morning at the Sao Paulo Int’l Airport or nearby hotel. Car transfer to our lodge, around 3 hours away through good roads. Lunch at the lodge and afternoon photographing.

August 29:
 Full day photographing here and car transfer back to São Paulo at late afternoon. Check-in at a hotel near the airport.

August 30:
 Meeting at the airport for flight to Cuiabá at 08:50 and beggining of the main tour.


  • Euro 800,- per person


  • Euro 145,- for single room


  • Minimum of 2 guests


  • Included – car transfer, double occupancy accomodation, all meals while at the lodge.


  • Not Included – drinks and hotel in Sao Paulo

Bildergalerie zur Pantanal-Reise:

Unser Guide für Sie vor Ort:


My name is Octavio Campos Salles and I am a professional photographer from Brazil. I was born in São Paulo in 1979 and now live on the island of Ilhabela, off the SE coast. Since childhood I’ve been very attracted to nature, collecting crabs and other critters at the beach, frogs in wetlands, surfing, snorkeling, walking the forest trails, etc. Soon I got a taste for sport fishing, and took it quite seriously for some years, even appearing on the cover of North American magazine “Wild on the Fly” in 2004. My fly fishing trips throughout Brazil (and abroad, I fished a lot in Florida too) eventually turned into a job, taking clients from all over the world to the Amazon to catch big Peacock Bass in remote waters. I worked with this for nearly 8 years, which was a very good experience in guiding tours.


The move to photography was gradual. At first, like all fisherman on the planet, I was mostly interested in making my fish look bigger. So I bought a Nikon D70 in March 2004 with a wide-angle lens. Then in 2006 me and my business partner  went on the craziest expedition of our lives. We were going to Serra do Aracá, a super remote tepui mountain in the Amazon near the border with Venezuela. It took us 7 days just to get there, slowly navigating with a large canoe through narrowing river channels, hiking through virgin rainforest and climbing slippery rocks. Meals were whatever we managed to hunt or fish. We didn’t quite get to where we wanted – at the base of the largest waterfall in Brazil, discovered by the Army only in the mid 90′s with survey flights and never before reached from underneath – but we did walk through areas that no “white men” had ever stepped before. During that trip I photographed a rare bird for the first time ever, the Caura Antbird. This photo won the largest Brazilian bird photography contest in the category “best ornithological record” and a pretty good amount of money as prize, enough for me to buy my first pro tele, a 300mm f/2.8. Later I would win the same contest again, but this time on the “best photo” category with a photo of two macaws playing in mid-air.


All of a sudden I found myself photographing or watching birds more often then I was fishing. I began “discovering” my local birds and the incredible diversity of species in the Atlantic Rainforest and never looked back. I started guiding photo tours in 2007 to the Pantanal, a place I know intimately since childhood. I was among the pioneers to start modern Jaguar photo tours in that area. Today my tours are specially focused on wild cats, and I am proud to say that I was the first photo tour guide offering tours to dependably photograph all of the 3 largest cats in the Americas: Jaguar, Puma and Ocelot. My goal now is to include some of the other smaller species as well.


My photos have been published in several magazines and books worldwide, including National Geographic. I have published my first book in 2013, showing the most well preserved aspects of the Atlantic Rainforest.